The Heritage Toy Train Journey - Childhood Memoir

I wonder if it is natural to be nostalgic! Or is it due to the mental and emotional exhaustion invoked in us due to Covid -19 and its consequences? Do you also feel nostalgic at times! If yes, kindly share your moments of nostalgia in the comment box. One such nostalgic moment evoked by Ruskin Bond's book 'The Great Train journey' inspired me to write this blog. You must be wondering how! To explain this, let me take you to my childhood memories. I was born and brought up in the same small town Kalka which Ruskin Bond has beautifully mentioned in his book. Not only this, he also talked about the Toy Train, which happened to be the first train that I also ever saw.  Still confused! Let me explain further.  It was nostalgic because I also saw the train for the first time on the narrow gauge of the Kalka Shimla track that happens to pass just behind my house. I got excited every time the train blew its whistle. Waving to the passengers sitting at the window seat was a routine

Jaipur - Pink City

From Gwalior, we headed towards Indore. We enjoyed ourselves at Indore for two days (to know more about our Indore Trip  CLICK HERE ) . On 8 October, we took our return journey to Beas via Jaipur.  When it comes to tourist offerings, Jaipur has no match. I clearly remember when I first visited Jaipur in 2002 as a school trip in charge, we had to extend our trip by one more day because we had so much to see.  Jaipur is a culturally and historically rich city. Seeing pink buildings all around one can easily make out why Jaipur is called Pink City or Pink Pearl. On reaching Jaipur, we checked in Hotel Souvenir Premier. After quickly inspecting our rooms we took a big fat lunch in the restaurant and planned for our activities in the two days we had in hand. Hotel Souvenir Premier Hawa Mahal Hawa Mahal built from red, and pink sandstone is the paradigmatic landmark of Jaipur. It is famously called 'Palace of Winds'. Royal ladies strictly followed the purdah system so Hawa Mahal was

City of Palaces and Temples - Gwalior

Hello friends, let's continue with our journey (To read my previous blog Click here ). After exploring the city of Taj Mahal for two days, we started for our next destination-Gwalior. Gwalior is famous for its palaces and temples. Before sharing my experience in the city, I must narrate my adventurous journey on the North-South Corridor of National Express Highway. The highway connects Agra with Mumbai, but it seems that the government neglects it. The traffic on the road was mainly of the trucks carrying heavy loads, and we hardly saw any car on the highway. There were numerous potholes on the road, and their depth could not be imagined from the driving seat. My hubby had to get down of the car repeatedly to find a little shallow pit so that he could cross it without any damage. We had to fill some chuckholes with concrete using our hands because they were intense and covered the entire road. Not only this, whenever a truck passed by us, we felt that it might fall on us. The journ